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Our seniors are the salt of the earth, so it is our obligation to help them tackle the
coronavirus infection with confidence, safety, and easy-to-apply health measures.
It’s evident that Covid-19 has claimed its territory in all of our lives, but one thing
is crystal clear: it will never defeat us.

#FunFact: isolation is Covid-19’s sidekick, who doesn’t escape anyone.
According to researchers at the University of Michigan, nearly 56% of our
geriatric community suffered from loneliness at the onset of the pandemic. At
Abundantly Blessed Home Care, we prioritize companionship by spearheading
virtual + in-person engagement with our elderly, while also complying with
guidelines from the CDC.

To combat the spread of COVID-19, we are committed to enforcing the following
three primary protocols:

  1. Set an Interactive Hygiene Routine
    • There’s no replacing the ABCs of hygiene, which are washing your
      hands often, wearing your mask when in large groups, and cleansing
      your living area to reduce the spread of germs.
    • Involve your friends and family by offering light incentives, such as
      public shout-outs or Group Activity Recognition to recognize everyone’s
      efforts to comply with hygiene procedures.
  2. Join Social Connections (virtually and in person)
    • Take AARP’s 3-minute Connect2Affect assessment to discover new
      ways to connect with like-minded peers, share laughs, and reminisce
      on oldies but goodies — the only rule is to be open-minded!
    • Counter loneliness by participating in both online communities and
      in-person meet-ups to reduce social anxiety and increase
      heart-to-heart connections.
  3. Reset your mindset with joy for your new reality
    • Covid-19 changed our lives forever, but it’s time to embrace “A Brand
      New Day for a Better Way!”
    • Say these positive mantras (affirmations) to affirm optimal health:
      i. I am wholly healthy and loved
      ii. I am a part of a positive community
      iii. I am committed to achieving my personal goals

Abundantly Blessed Home Care shifts the trajectory of Covid-19’s adverse
outcomes by allowing the elderly to be a part of decision-making conversations
that impact their overall health. This results in inclusive, creative, and organic
opportunities to implement health policies.

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